Our mission is to have corporal punishment
removed from Tennessee schools.

We believe that until corporal punishment is removed from our schools,
many educators and school systems will not seriously consider and implement
more effective and beneficial disciplinary programs.


To have the incidence of corporal punishment reported by all school systems for public information. We believe that citizens have a right to know how much corporal punishment is occurring in Tennessee Public Schools. Davidson County School District has been collecting this information and releasing it to the public for more than ten years. We believe that all school districts in Tennessee should be required to do the same.

To recognize leaders in education who have turned away from corporal punishment. There are a number of school districts and schools in Tennessee who have experienced positive changes in their schools as a result of implementing more effective and beneficial disciplinary programs and moving away from corporal punishment. See the section Leaders in Tennessee.

To study the effects of corporal punishment on school systems. We believe that use of corporal punishment in schools effects school climate. School climate effects academic performance, attendance, incidence of school violence and vandalism and drop-out rate.

To educate the public about the effects of corporal punishment and to provide information on more beneficial, effective, preventative discipline programs that have been proven to enhance student performance in public schools.

To provide information and support to teachers, administrators, and citizens who seek information on discipline alternatives and who share our mission.

Tennesseans for Nonviolent School Disicpline www.forkidsake.org