National Association of Elementary School Principals Position Statement

NAESP's Platform Positions

Corporal Punishment

NAESP believes the practice of corporal punishment in schools should be abolished. Research indicates corporal punishment may adversely affect a student's self-image and his or her school achievement, and it may contribute to disruptive and violent student behavior. Principals should utilize alternative forms of discipline.

Therefore, NAESP urges all educators, in cooperation with parents and other concerned citizens and associations, to promote legislation that would prohibit all forms of corporal punishment in schools and would provide resources for the development of positive alternatives for disruptive students.

NAESP recognizes that maintenance of discipline in the schools is a shared responsibility of students, parents, educators, and the community. NAESP urges school principals to become involved in the design of discipline policies that follow due process, that are consistently applied, and that are educationally sound.

NAESP believes schools should make an increased effort to strengthen existing programs that teach conflict resolution and social problem-solving skills.

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