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Indoor Slippers for Kids

Shoe Size

Indoor slippers for kids

There is nothing more comfortable than wearing a great pair of indoor slippers. Here at Kids-world you will find a huge range of indoor slippers for kids. Your kids will love wearing these comfy indoor slippers and they keep the toes toasty warm.

In our assortment we offer many different styles of indoor slippers for kids of all ages. From leather slippers to wool slippers. They also come in a vareity of colours - from solids to fun and colourful patterns. Define your childs style with a pair of cute slippers from Kids-world.

Indoor slippers by top brands

We have indoor slippers by exciting brands like Fuzzies, Melton, En Fant, Petit by Sofie Schnoor, Pom Pom, Mikk-Line, CeLaVi, Bisgaard, Angulus and many more. Best of all, we have indoor slippers in all the colours of the rainbow and you will most likely find a the perfect pair for your boy or girl.

We normally have clogs and indoor slippers for kids and babies in size 15, size 16, size 17, size 18, size 19, size 20, size 21, size 22, size 23, size 24, size 25, size 26, size 27, size 28, size 29, size 30, size 31, size 32, size 33, size 34, size 35, size 36 , size 37, size 38 and size 39. With this in mind, we are confident that you’ll find a pair of slippers for your kid that provides a good fit.

Indoor slippers for boys and girls

Slippers are meant to be used for play and movement, which is why indoor slippers with non-slip soles are important for extra safety. This ensures that your childs footing remains solid to the ground. Explore our entire range of slippers with Non-slip for girls and boys.

We at Kids-world have put forth a great deal of effort to prepare a search tool that ensures you can filter sizes as well as colours, type of indoor slippers or perhaps the ability to choose indoor slippers from a specific brand. You can easily filter slippers according to your very own preferences.

Using this tool, it’s very easy to find the slippers that perfectly fit your kid's requirements. Warm slippers are much needed in the winter, while lighter weight slippers are required in the summer.

Indoor slippers for Daycare

Slippers helps to ensure that your kid does not accidentally slip and fall when playing indoors. Because of that, it is always a good idea for your boy or girl to wear a pair of indoor slippers, both at home and at the daycare center.

Room for little feet to grow

Kids' feet grow very fast, and to ensure that they wear the right size indoor slippers and clogs, it’s a good idea to regularly check to see if the indoor slippers and clogs are fitting the size of their feet. It’s recommended that you take into account an approximate 1 cm growth supplement when purchasing indoor slippers and clogs. This important consideration ensures that little ones can enjoy their slippers for a much longer time period, without any effect on their natural movements and walk. However, you must be aware that natural materials have a tendency to stretch out a bit, and because of this, they can expand after being worn. It’s also a good idea to let slippers get some rest now and then, as slippers that are often worn can benefit from a good airing out.

Slippers for the baby

Even the smallest kids may need a pair of nice slippers, and of course, we have them for you here at Kids-world. Slippers for babies differ a bit from slippers for slightly older kids, as baby indoor slippers are often a little softer and don’t come with a firm sole. For natural reasons, small babies don’t require soles, since they’re not walking around. Slippers with linings are the obvious choice to prevent your little baby from getting too cold in freezing temperatures. They are extremely warm, and as a result, can keep the little one cozy and snug when they’re doing things like sitting in a stroller. 

Slippers for kids in different materials

Slippers and clogs for kids and babies come in a variety of fabulous materials. Both indoor slippers and clogs come with practical velcro closures, laces or elastic straps, making it easy to get the indoor slippers and clogs on and off their small feet.

indoor slippers in wool

Wool is a wonderful material for indoor slippers, as it keeps kids’ feet really warm and is soft to wear. Especially in winter, wool has the ability to keep feet warm, and in the summer, wool transports sweat and heat away from the feet. A slipper or clog in wool is extremely durable, and this type of material adjusts easily to kids’ feet, making them incredibly comfortable to walk in.

Leather slippers

Leather slippers for kids are just like wool slippers in that they’re incredibly comfortable to wear, but are not quite as warm as wool slippers. Leather slippers and clogs can be worn all year round, because the material allows  kid's feet to easily breathe. If it’s not too cold and a kid has relatively warm feet, leather slippers can provide enough warmth for most kids throughout the winter. Leather slippers provide good support for heels and ankles, while the soft material supports kids’ feet and movements. Leather is also breathable and always provides healthy foot temperatures, even if they’re worn for an entire day.

Cotton indoor slippers

Cotton is a comfortable and lightweight material that is soft to wear on the feet, making it an obvious material choice for indoor slippers and clogs. Particularly in the summer, cotton slippers are very popular, but the material doesn’t insulate nearly as well as wool. If your kid has especially warm feet, slippers and clogs in cotton can also be worn in the winter.

Sheepskin slippers

If you are looking for a very warm material, slippers and clogs in sheepskin are an obvious choice. The insides are lined with soft, warm sheepskin, while the outside is most often in suede. These indoor slippers are especially suitable for babies sitting still in a pram or stroller, or for those with a tendency to have cold feet.

How to clean kid's slippers and clogs

When picking up your kids in the nursery or kindergarten, most parents often experience that the kid's slippers and clogs have become extremely dirty after they’ve run around and played in them all day. But luckily, there are ways to easily clean kids' slippers.

If a kid's slippers or clogs are made of wool, fortunately, this material has the natural ability to be self-cleaning, making them incredibly easy to maintain. However, in order to keep them fresh, it’s recommended that they be aired out thoroughly from time to time. Should stains happen to appear on a pair of wool slippers, there is cleaning advice available to solve this dilemma. The stain can be gently cleaned with a wool wash along with a slightly wrung out cloth. If there is more than one stain to be removed, it’s important to remember to dry the indoor slippers between each cleaning.

When cleaning indoor slippers and clogs in leather or suede, it’s always important to use the right solutions, as both materials must be treated with gentle care. When cleaning leather or suede, never use too much water, soap or a hard brush. When indoor slippers and clogs in leather or suede are to be cleaned, a soft shoe brush or a brush specially made to handle suede must be used.

If you are in need of footwear care products at home, we recommend that you check out our shoe care product category.

A sole is not just a sole

The soles of kid's indoor slippers come in many different designs and materials, and it’s important to remember that  kid's indoor slippers and clogs are non-slip, as they are often worn for an entire day filled with play and movement. This ensures that their feet don’t slip when they run about and play. A rubber sole provides a very durable surface that is non-slip, and can also stand up to a small stroll in the garden.

Some indoor slippers come with a combination of leather, suede and rubber, where portions of the sole are made of rubber, usually under the heel and the foot pad, which offer a good non-slip sole, but are not good for wearing outside.

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