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Levis Kids Clothing

Shoe Size

Levis Kids Clothing

Large selection of kids' clothing from Levis Kids

One of the most famous clothing brands in the world is Levis, popular with both kids and adults. They are best known for their chic denim clothing, but also have a large collection of clothing made with other materials.

On this page, you will find a large selection of clothing from Levis Kids for both boys and girls. There are clothes for babies from six months to kids 16 years old, so they can all easily be dressed in smart, cool clothes from the outside to the inside.

At Kids-world, we always have a large selection of Levis classics, along with trendy styles that follow this year's fashion. You will always find clothes for both hot summer days and when it’s cold outside. Feel free to click around the categories and discover your favorites.

The story behind Levis Kids

It all started with Levi Strauss, a German immigrant in the United States, who in 1853 opened a store in San Francisco selling clothes, boots, and groceries. At that time, the gold rush was raging, and the many gold diggers were in desperate need of more durable and practical clothing. Together with the tailor Jacob Davis, Levi designed the first pair of jeans in 1873.

The unique thing about Levis was that they were constructed in a very durable denim fabric, and reinforced with copper rivets in exposed areas such as at the corners of the pockets. The perfect denim trousers had been created, and they were strong, durable, and well suited for hard work. The well-known red brand with the name "Levis" soon became part of every single piece of clothing produced. Along with the well-known "Red Tab" label, clothing from Levis is always recognizable.

Today, Levis remains a brand that is socially and environmentally committed. They are dedicated to making better choices, like sourcing sustainable materials and using less water in their denim production. At the same time, they are launching a number of projects that support tolerance among people and cultures, and are building skating rinks around the world.

Levis Kids for everyday and parties

The cowboy pants, as they are referred to today, became extremely popular work pants, and are still worn all by cowboys all over America. They became a symbol of freedom and independence. Particularly in the 60s, the brand became very popular among young people. Along with the values of freedom, youthfulness and their history as a pair of work trousers, the brand is often associated with something raw, unpolished and youthful.

Along with the company’s interesting history, today kids can wear clothes from Levis Kids for both everyday and parties, along with a wide variety of accessories. With so many modern and cool styles, there is always room for clothes from Levis Kids for both boys and girls.

Large selection of Levis Kids at Kids-world

On this page, you will discover many different tops and bottoms from Levis, which can easily be mixed and matched together with all their great accessories. The styles can easily be created as raw or more elegant, and there are kids' clothes for both boys and girls.

The kids’ collection contains many of the same styles that are available for adults, so feel free to explore the Levis category or our Levis sale to find all your favorites. Along with both simple and solid colours, you will also find a large selection of tops with smart prints that include the Levis logo as well as other beautiful patterns.

From the very beginning, the quality has been outstanding, so with kids's clothing from Levis Kids, you can be certain that the clothing being worn lives up to the requirements of modern parents.

Buy Levis Kids clothing and footwear online

Kids-world have made it simple for you to shop footwear and clothing by Levis Kids from the pleasure of your own home. We aim to bring an exciting collection of clothing and footwear by Levis Kids for you to shop.

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