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Hust and Claire Clothing & Footwear for Kids

Shoe Size

Hust and Claire Clothing & Footwear for Kids

Hust and Claire - the ethical choice in kids clothing

Kids clothing from the Danish brand Hust and Claire is designed for kids everyday life. The clothes are soft and comfortable making it easy for your little one to move around when they play in these clothes.

The fabrics are always soft, and the designs have fun styles so that kids can be inspired and play freely whenever they choose.

There are many simple and cute styles for babies and kids. They produce everything from baby grows, pants, sweaters, dresses, hats, jackets and much more.

Hust and Claire are very committed to good working conditions in production, animal welfare, the environment, and a more sustainable and ethical form of clothing production.

Hust and Claire wants to make it easier for parents to buy the perfect clothes for their kids.

Claire Group

Hust and Claire was founded in 1984 by Anders Hust and is part of the Scandinavian fashion house Claire Group founded in 1975. The group also owns Claire Woman.

Claire Group values the environment highly and the company originally arose as a result of a lack of environmentally conscious clothing on the market.

There are not many options for clothes that were produced in a social and environmentally friendly way.

Everyone who has been involved in the production of clothes from Claire Group, from the start at the drawing board, to the seamstresses and to the shops, are offered good working conditions.

Kids' wool clothing from Hust and Claire

Kids's wool clothing from Hust and Claire can be worn year round. Most people probably think that wool is too hot in the summer months, but in fact, the temperature regulating properties of wool are an advantage all year round.

Especially younger kids, whose body temperature doesn’t regulate as effectively as older kids and adults, benefit greatly from Hust and Claire wool.

When it’s cold, wool helps kids keep their body warm and ensures that they stay warm and dry. If a baby gets too hot, wool helps to dissipate the heat and absorb the sweat, keeping them dry.

Wool has the ability to absorb up to 40% of its own weight in liquid without feeling moist, therefore, it’s very good at keeping moisture away from a baby's skin.

Hust and Claire bodysuits for boys and girls

You will find a large selection of bodysuits from Hust and Claire for both boys and girls here at Kids-world. Bodysuits are available in an array of fabulous colours and materials, which are often mixed combinations.

For example, try a bodysuit in a mix of wool/bamboo and experience fabulous, soft quality and the temperature-regulating properties, which are especially perfect for little ones.

Washing and treating Hust and Claire wool

Wool comes with a surface of lanolin, which can sometimes make it seem a little greasy. The lanolin also has a quality that inhibits bacterial growth. It’s the lanolin that ensures that the wool doesn’t feel wet when exposed to liquid.

When wool is washed, the lanolin will eventually be washed out of the clothes, allowing some of the wool's features to disappear.

It is often advised not to wash woolen clothes too often. It’s also a good idea to wash wool at low temperatures, otherwise there’s a risk of the wool shrinking and pilling.

Much of the wool for kids has been given a special treatment so it can stand up to a trip to the washing machine, while preserving the properties of the wool.

New clothes from Hust and Claire in our shop

We hope you find what you are looking for from Hust and Claire in our shop. We have a large range and many nice clothes in many different colors. Feel free to take a look at the different options and styles when you are looking for new clothes for your boy or girl.

Tips when buying Hust and Claire kids clothes

If your kid is still growing, it may be helpful to buy clothes in a size up. It is not comfortable to wear clothes that are too small, regardless of if it is clothes from Hust and Claire or another brand.

Parents therefore often buy kids clothes in a larger size such as size 68 even if the kid is wearing 56 or 62 at that time.

Another tip for you right here - have a look at our Hust and Claire sale. There you'll finde items with reduced prices.

See the delicious Hust and Claire snowsuits

When the cold is knocking on the door and you want to ensure that your child stays warm and comfortable, a snowsuit is an indispensable piece of clothing. And what is better than the delicious snowsuits from Hust and Claire?

Hust and Claire snowsuits are known for their high quality, beautiful designs and functionality. They're created with kids' active lifestyles in mind, meaning they're sturdy enough for outdoor play, while being breathable so your child doesn't get too hot. The detailed stitching, the pockets and the soft linings make each snowsuit a combination of style and comfort.

So if you're looking for the perfect snowsuit for the cold months, Hust and Claire's selection is definitely worth considering. Your child deserves the best, and with a Hust and Claire snowsuit, he or she is guaranteed both warmth and style.

This is how Hust and Claire snowsuits are sized

When it comes to choosing the right snowsuit for your child, it's important to consider how it fits. Hust and Claire snowsuits are known for their Scandinavian design and fit, and here's what you can expect:

A Hust and Claire snowsuit tends to be true-to-size. This means that if your child usually wears a certain size in others clothing brands, the same size will often fit well in a Hust and Claire snowsuit. They are designed to provide space for an extra layer of clothing underneath, which is ideal for those really cold days.

And if your child is right between two sizes, it often pays to choose the larger size, so that there is both room to grow and for extra layers.

If you follow these guidelines, you can be sure that you will get a snowsuit that not only looks good, but also fits your child's needs perfectly when you shopper for Hust and Claire snowsuits.

Choose between different colours when you buy a Hust and Claire snowsuit

Colour can give so much style and personality, even when the person is little. With Hust and Claire snowsuits, you don't have to compromise between functionality and fashion.

Hust and Claire snowsuits come in a multitude of colours to suit every taste. Whether you're looking for something classic like navy blue, grey or black, or prefer more eye-catching shades like coral, turquoise or pink, Hust and Claire has something for you and your child. Their snowsuits reflect the Scandinavian sense of design, where quality meets aesthetics.

This brand understands that kids love colours and that parents want practical choices. That is why they offer such a wide selection. When winter comes and the landscape becomes more colorless, your child's snowsuit will stand out and add a fine pop of colour.

Then make the cold months a little more colorful with a Hust and Claire snowsuit. It is both a feast for the eyes and an assurance that your child remains warm and happy.

Cute Hust and Claire bodysuits for the little ones

When it comes to the little ones in the family, they deserve only the best. A Hust and Claire bodysuit is the perfect choice for combining comfort with style. These bodysuits are designed with baby's sensitive skin in mind, made with the softest materials that ensure optimal comfort all day.

But it doesn't stop at comfort. A Hust and Claire bodysuit is also a feast for the eyes with their cute designs and patterns. From classic stripes to cute animal prints and everything in between, there's something for everyone. And with the fine details such as fine buttons, ruffles and fine stitching, your little one will not only be comfortable, but also stylish from top to toe.

If you want quality, comfort and design for your child's wardrobe, Hust and Claire bodysuits are the obvious choice. They are not only made to look good, but also to feel good against the skin and keep your child happy and satisfied.

Beautiful Hust and Claire dresses

Hust and Claire dresses are more than just clothes; they are a fusion of quality, style and scandinavian design. For the little fashionista in the home, these dresses are the ultimate choice for any occasion, whether it's a family party, a birthday or just a regular day at school or kindergarten.

Every Hust and Claire dress is designed with attention to detail. Fine stitching, creative patterns and high-quality fabrics make each dress unique. The selection ranges from simple and elegant designs to more colorful and playful styles, so there is something for everyone.

But it's not just looks that count. A Hust and Claire dress is also incredibly comfortable, ensuring your girl can play freely and feel comfortable wherever the day takes her.

So if you're looking for the perfect combination of beauty and comfort for your little girl's wardrobe, look no further than Hust and Claire dresses. They promise to bring a smile to your girl's face and let her shine at every opportunity.

Find Hust and Claire dresses in many different colours

Hust and Claire is a brand that understands that kids love to express themselves through colours. When it comes to their dress collection, there is a rich selection of shades to suit every mood and every occasion.

From soft pastels to vibrant primary colors, Hust and Claire dresses allow your girl to shine in her favorite color. And if you're looking for the perfect party dress or just a dress for a special day, there's nothing like the classic elegance of a Hust and Claire dress in red. This deep, rich red shade highlights the brand's focus on quality and design and adds a touch of glamor to any outfit.

No matter what colour your little girl is, there is a Hust and Claire dress waiting to become her new favorite in the wardrobe. Let your girl's personality shine through with colours that match her style and mood.

Smart Hust and Claire trousers

Hust and Claire trousers are a must-have in every child's wardrobe. These trousers combine comfort with a modern touch, making them ideal for active kids on the go. Designed with both play and everyday fairy tale in mind, each pant is made to withstand children's endless energy.

Whether you're looking for something casual for a cozy day at home or a stylish pair of trousers for a special occasion, Hust and Claire has a wide range to suit all needs.

And it doesn't stop at the design. The quality of the material ensures that the trousers not only look good, but also feel comfortable against the skin. With a pair of Hust and Claire trousers, your child can move freely, play carefree and look smart at the same time. It is the perfect combination of functionality and fashion.

Large selection of Hust and Claire trousers in different colours

At Hust and Claire, they know that kids have their own unique style and that they love to express themselves through colours. Their trouser collection reflects exactly this, offering a multitude of color options to suit every mood and every occasion.

These trousers are not only fashionable but also functional. They are designed to last for everyday play and fairy tale. And since the quality is always top notch at Hust and Claire, you can be sure that the color will last wash after wash.

With Hust and Claire trousers in different colours, your child can easily switch between outfits and always feel like the most fashionable one in the room. It's time to add some colour to the wardrobe.

Hust and Claire rainwear for the wet days

When the raindrops start to fall, Hust and Claire rainwear is the ultimate choice to keep your child both dry and stylish. This rainwear is designed with both functionality and fashion in mind.

With waterproof materials, it is ensured that play can continue, even during a rinse. At the same time, the modern designs and colours ensure that your child shines through, even on the grey of rainy days.

So, whether the skies open up with a light summer shower or a heavy fall rain, Hust and Claire rainwear guarantees that your child will not only be protected from the elements, but will also appear as the trendiest little rain dancer on the playground, always ready to jumping in puddles with a big smile and lots of style.

Cute Hust and Claire nightsuits

When the sun goes down and it's time to tuck the little ones in, nothing is more essential than a soft and comfortable nightsuit. A Hust and Claire nightsuit is the perfect choice for the little ones who deserve sweet dreams. With their soft materials, they ensure that your child gets a peaceful night's sleep without irritation.

But it's not just comfort that makes Hust and Claire nightsuits special. With a range of cute designs, from stars and moons to little animals and flowers, your child will look as fine as they will feel. These designs add a touch of fun to bedtime and make the evening routine a little more magical.

Hust and Claire understand how important quality is, especially when it comes to our children's sleep. With nightsuits from this brand, you can be sure that your child is dressed in the best while they dream away in the ro of the night. So give your child the comfort and night's sleep he or she deserves with a Hust and Claire nightsuit.

Hust and Claire t-shirts and shorts for the warm days

When the sun shines high in the sky and the temperatures ladders, it is essential to have clothes that let the kids feel comfortable and at ease. Hust and Claire t-shirts and shorts are the ideal combination for these days.

Hust and Claire t-shirts are light, airy and made with soft materials that ensure your child can move freely and feel comfortable. With a multitude of designs from simple solids to fun prints and patterns, your child is sure to find a Hust and Claire t-shirt that expresses his or her personal style.

When it comes to Hust and Claire shorts, functionality and fashion are combined to perfection. These shorts are designed to be both practical and stylish, with a fit that gives your child maximum freedom of movement. Whether you're heading to the beach, the playground or just hanging out in the backyard, these shorts are the obvious choice.

With Hust and Claire t-shirts and shorts in your children's summer wardrobe, they are ready to face the warm days in style and comfort. It's time for sun, play and lots of summer fun.

Sweet Hust and Claire beanies for the cold days

When the cold bites and the winter wind sweeps through the landscape, it is important to keep little ears and heads warm. Hust and Claire beanies are the perfect, stylish choice for this very purpose. Each Hust and Claire beanie is created with both comfort and style in mind, so your child not only feels warm, but looks great too.

Hust and Claire beanies are made with quality materials that ensure that the heat stays where it needs to be. Whether it's a soft wool hat or a cozy knitted, each beanie is designed to provide maximum comfort. With elastic edges, they stay securely in place, even during the most playful winter activities.

Make the cold days a little warmer and much more stylish with a Hust and Claire beanie. Your child will surely thank you for it when the snow starts to fall and adventure awaits outside.

Hust and Claire skirts - Smart styles

When it comes to combining comfort with style, Hust and Claire just never disappoints. This is especially true of their skirts, which bring a touch of elegance and playfulness into every little fashionista's wardrobe.

Hust and Claire skirts are designed with versatility in mind. Whether it's a day at school, a trip to the park or a family event, these skirts fit in perfectly. With a wide selection of designs, from classic solids to vibrant patterns, there's a Hust and Claire skirt for every occasion.

The materials are carefully selected to ensure that your girl can move freely and feel comfortable all day. The elastic waistbands ensure that the skirt stays firmly in place, while the soft fabrics provide a luxurious feel against the skin.

What really makes a Hust and Claire skirt extra special are the details. Fine stitching, creative applications and stylish cuts mean that your little girl will not only look good, but also feel like a star. So when you want to give your girl something smart and comfortable, Hust and Claire skirts are the obvious choice.

See also our Hust and Claire thermo set

When temperatures fluctuate and you need clothing that both insulates and breathes, Hust and Claire thermo set is an absolute must-have. This thermo set is designed to keep your child at a comfortable temperature, making it perfect for those days when the weather is unpredictable.

Hust and Claire thermo set comes in a wide range of styles and colours, so there is something for everyone. But not only looks count. Function and quality go hand in hand with this brand. Hust and Claire thermo set is made with high-quality materials that are both water repellent and breathable. This ensures that your child remains dry and comfortable, regardless of activity level.

The very fit of Hust and Claire thermo set created with children's movement in mind. It is flexible, light and allows the kids to move freely. Hust and Claire thermo set is the obvious choice for comfort and protection.

So the next time you're looking for the perfect intermediate layer for your child's wardrobe, remember to check out Hust and Claire's thermo set. It's a combination of style, functionality and quality that your child will love.

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