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Wool clothing for children

Shoe Size
Lala Berlin Scarf - 65x30 cm - Triangle Solid - Papaya Lala Berlin Scarf - 65x30 cm - Triangle Solid - Papaya 98,63 €
Originally:  131,50 €  
Lala Berlin Scarf - 65x30 cm - Triangle Solid - Leaf Lala Berlin Scarf - 65x30 cm - Triangle Solid - Leaf 98,55 €
Originally:  131,40 €  
Lala Berlin Scarf - 65x30 cm - Triangle Solid - City Lala Berlin Scarf - 65x30 cm - Triangle Solid - City 98,55 €
Originally:  131,40 €  
Lala Berlin Scarf - 65x30 cm - Triangle Solid - Stradivari Lala Berlin Scarf - 65x30 cm - Triangle Solid - Stradivari 98,55 €
Originally:  131,40 €  

Wool for babies and kids

Baby clothing and kids’ wear is a hit with boys and girls of all ages. Wool is a fantastic material; well-suited for babies’ clothing and kids’ wear for both summer and winter. At Kids-world we have made a category for wool clothing only. Within this category we have wool clothing or clothing made of materials that have been mixed with wool.

Some styles are made of 100 % wool, while others are a mix of wool with i.e. silk, bamboo and cotton or other textiles. The types of wool we have at Kids-world are Merino, - Kashmir, - Mohair- and Virgin wool.

Wool for all temperatures

Wool has many excellent qualities which make wool perfect for babies’ clothing and kids’ wear. Wool regulates the body temperature; wool keeps the baby or kid warm when he or she is outside.

However, should the baby or kid get too warm, the wool functions as an absorbent and absorbs the heat. Wool is also sweat absorbing which is great too because this ensures that your baby or kid doesn’t get wet and clammy. Finally, wool is also water repellent.

Merino wool and Virgin wool - perfect for babies’ clothing and kids’ wear

Wool is not only wool. Wool comes in many qualities and is used for many purposes. Pure, clean, new wool (Virgin wool) is the first sheep’s wool being trimmed. Virgin wool is the softest wool you get from sheep.

Merino wool comes from the Merino sheep, a special breed, primarily bred in Australia. Merino is characterised by being very soft, hard-wearing and breathable. Merino wool is suitable for making light and breathable babies’ clothing and kids’ wear.

Kashmir and Mohair for babies and kids

Kashmir- and Mohair wool comes from goats. Kashmir is as soft as Merino (sometimes softer than Merino wool), but not as hard-wearing as Merino.

Mohair wool is not as full as wool from sheep; however, it is hard-wearing and temperature regulating. Angora wool comes from the Angora rabbit. This wool is extremely soft and warm; however, it is very fragile and therefore, Angora is often mixed with other types of wool.

The Alpaca wool comes from the alpaca, naturally, which is primarily bred in South America. The Alpaca wool is lighter that sheep’s wool and more hard-wearing than Kashmir wool.

Wool for summer and winter

Wool is often mixed with other materials. This is done to give the clothing further qualities. Some wool types are suited for underwear while other types are suited for outerwear. Many people associate wool with winter and chilly weather, however there are types of wool that are suited for all seasons and all occasions.

Summer’s wool is especially suited for warm months where the wool is not supposed to keep the kid warm; summer’s wool has a cooling quality and its heat absorbent qualities come in use.

Baby’s wool developed especially for infants and babies. This wool is particularly soft and yummy and not scratchy on your baby’s skin.

Categories with wool products

Wool Top Wool Bodysuit Wool Trousers
Wool Cardigan Wool Balaclava Wool Booties
Wool Neck Warmer Wool Mittens Wool Baby Jumpsuit
Wool Baby Hat Wool Indoor Slippers Wool Hat
Wool Dress Wool Pramsuit Wool Leggings
Wool Tights Wool Socks Wool Blanket
Wool Scarf Wool Underwear Wool Slipover

Wool care and wool washing

Wool has a lanoline surface which gives a greasy feeling. Lanoline’s quality is that it prevents growth of bacteria. Lanoline gives a dry sense to the wool in case of being exposed to water and other fluids. In time, the lanoline will be washed out of the clothes and some of the qualities of wool will disappear.

Therefore, it is a good idea to wash wool clothing less frequently. It is best to wash wool at low temperatures in order to prevent the wool clothing from shrinking and turn into felt. However, much wool clothing has undergone a special treatment so wool is suited for machine washing - preserving the good qualities of the wool.

Wool for babies and kids - a matter of taste

Some people simply love babies clothing and kids’ wear made from wool. Naturally, it is a matter of taste, but if you like wool and want babies’ clothing and kids’ wear made from wool, this is where you find it.

At Kids-world we have an abundance of wool clothing for babies and kids from well-known brands, so you can dress you baby or kid in wool. Use our filter and the sub-categories to find wool clothing for kids of all ages.

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