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The Pokémon characters have been a huge hit around the world since 1998, when the animated series was first shown on television.

The series consists of Pokémon over several generations. They battle each other in epic battles so that their owner can become one of the best Pokémon trainers.

The fantastic Pokémon are available as many types of toy figurine and soft toys. You will find everything from grass, fire, water and telepathic types of Pokémon to flying, fairy and ground types.

Our large selection of Pokémon soft toys and toy figurine is guaranteed to contain your child's favorite Pokémon.

Your child can collect all kinds of Pokémon toy figurine and soft toys, and thus immerse themselves in the glorious world of Pokémon, where they have to train their monsters and teach them new attacks.

The story behind Pokémon

Pokémon was created in Japan by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996 as a game for the first Nintendo Game Boy console.

Pokémon became an instant hit with kids in both Japan and the rest of the world. The Game Boy game inspired many others game, as well as the iconic collectible/playing cards.

The animated Pokémon series has been running since 1998. The series is about trainer Ash and his Pokemón character, Pikachu.

The many Pokémon toy figurine have different attacks and types. They resemble different kinds of animals from the real world, as well as flowers, insects and even mythical creatures.

With beautiful, soft Pokémon soft toys, kids can immerse themselves in the fantastic world, regardless of whether they know it from game, TV, the cards or otherwise.

Unleash your inner Pokémon trainer with a Pokémon figurine

Pokémon toy figurine come in all shapes and sizes. You will of course find a huge range here at Kids-world.

Kids can play with the different Pokémon toy figurine together and recreate the battles they know from the games and the series.

Have fun and play with Pokémon soft toys

Many kids who are large fans of the Pokémon franchise feel closely attached to their favorite Pokémon.

With Pokémon soft toys of their favourites, they can hug and play with them in a cozy way. They can even collect them. A Pokémon soft toy will be a beloved and delightful addition to the kid toy collection.

The soft Pokémon soft toys in our range are all of high quality and are fun to play with. Kids can collect them all, just like Pokémon trainers collect Pokémon in the series and games.

How to get Pokémon toy figurine and soft toys on sale

When you're looking for Pokémon soft toys and toy figurine online, you naturally want to find the best deal.

Fortunately, it's easy here at Kids-world. The easiest way to find Pokémon on sale is to sign up for our newsletter.

In this way, you get offers for Pokémon toy figurine and Pokémon soft toys directly to your inbox. You will be one of the first to discover when we have offers on must-have products from Pokémon.

You can also follow Kids-world on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Here we keep our followers up to date regarding new products, brands and upcoming sale.

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