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The New Clothing for Kids


The New Clothing for Kids

The New – fashion for grown ups, now also for kids

The New creates trendy clothes for kids and teenagers that are inspired by what you can find in adult fashion. The New presents a more mature style and a very stylish design that gives the impression of an on point fashion statement, more so than many other kids brands.

The New make clothes for smart and sophisticated girls and boys with influences of the simplicity found in Scandinavian fashion. There are many nice and elegant clothes for everyday life as well as many fancy clothes for those special occasions.

Regardless, The New is a great choice for kids and you might even wish they made clothes in your size.

The story behind The New

The New is a new brand founded in 2016 by the same team that are behind the Little Pieces collection for kids. The New has the same principles as Little Pieces namely, the clothes are elegant quality clothes at great prices.

The people behind both brands are loyal fashion lovers and they have many years of experience in the industry. The New make clothes for boys and girls from about 3 years old to 14 years.

The New – clothes that follow the trends

The New has continued to design clothes that follow the trends in adult fashion. Although the clothes are similar to adult clothing, the clothes are made for kids and the clothes are soft, comfortable and easy to move around and play in.

The cute dresses and skirts for girls are extremely popular. They are designed with many fine patterns of flowers and other beautiful patterns. These patterns can also be found on other garments such as swimwear and underwear, and much more.

There are many, many fine basic clothes with or without prints and other details in different colours. There is something for everyone. The colours of the clothes also follow trends however it is common to find that these clothes colours are a bit more muted than what you can find with many other kids clothes.

The New and others brands

In addition to The New, Luxkids is also behind a large number of others brands? including Soft Gallery, Mikk-Line and Cost:Bart, which we also carry here in the shop. Soft Gallery was acquired in 2020.

The New Siblings

In 2021, there was a family addition to The New in the form of The Sew Siblings, a brand for kids from 0-3 years. The New Siblings was created based on the same approach to clothing production as The New and the other brands under Luxkids.

The New Siblings was created with the premise that young kids should have the freedom to play and explore the large world in clothes that can last. There is therefore a great deal of focus on durability in the choice of material in the clothing from The New Siblings.

The New Siblings Christmas

If Christmas is a party at home with the very little ones, then we would recommend that you keep an eye out for The New Siblings Christmas in the run-up to Christmas, where you will find a wide range of cute christmas clothes from The New.

Large assortment of The New clothing

The New makes a really large and wide selection of clothes for kids. You will therefore find both The New children's clothing for girls and boys, so regardless of whether you are looking for The New girls clothes ' clothing or The New for boys, you will find it here in the shop.

From The New you will find both outerwear, underwear, pyjama set and all kinds of children's clothing. The kids can therefore be dressed from the inside out when you choose The New children's clothes for them.

If you are looking for certain The New children's clothing, we recommend that you use our filter to quickly display The New clothing that you are looking for. That way, you can quickly narrow down your search for specific clothes from The New.

The New girls clothes

The New has created a large number of beautiful designs for girls, who can find a large number of beautiful styles with The New girls clothes ' clothing. The New has made girls' girls clothes for virtually every situation. So regardless of whether you are looking for girls' girls clothes for everyday use or for special occasions, with The New girls' girls clothes you can find something that you can use.

You can quickly view all the girls clothes ' clothing from The New that you have in our range. You can do that via our filter. Here you can also sort by size. That way, you can very quickly see all The New girls' girls clothes in the size that is relevant for you.

Clothing from The New for boys

It's not just lovely girls' girls clothes from The New that you can find here. The New also makes a wide range of smart clothes for boys. As with The New girls clothes, The New clothes for boys are also made on the basis that they must be durable and that the boys can play in them.

You will find the different styles from The New for boys here, where you can easily narrow your search so that you only see The New clothes for boys that are relevant to you.

The New children's clothes in many colours

Whether you're looking for The New girls' girls clothes or The New New children's clothes for boys, you'll find it here? and you'll find it in a wide variety of colours. The New makes children's clothing in both solid-colored designs and beautiful multi-colored styles with print and patterns.

Should your children's clothing from The New be in a specific colour, you can use our filter to see exactly the styles from The New that have the colour you want. You will find The New children's clothes in both black, blue, red, pink, green, blue, yellow, grey, white and of course also the many multi-coloured The New styles.

Fantastic The New thermosuits

Among the many styles from The New, you will find their beautiful thermosuits, which are optimal for the autumn days, when the temperature drops and the wind picks up.

The New thermosuits are designed so that the kids can stay warm during the spring or autumn when they are out playing, while at the same time giving the kids so much freedom and flexibility that The New thermosuit does not put an end to the play.

You get a nice lined thermosuit when you choose The New thermosuit. Not only that, The New thermosuit is also designed with a number of different safety measures to protect the kid.

The New has therefore fitted both a wind pole, chin guard and adjustable elastics in their thermal suit, so that you get an extremely nice thermosuit for your girl or boy when you choose a quilted The New thermosuit.

Smart The New tops for girls

The kids can be dressed from inside out with The New. With the smart The New tops, it's easy to find The New girls' girls clothes for the hot days or if you just want an extra layer under a blouse.

The New makes beautiful and charming tops in a wide range of different colours. So you will find both plain colored tops and tops from The New with patterns and print. So it won't be difficult to find The New top that matches exactly the style or look that the little one wants.

When you shopper The New tops, you will also find tops in a 2-Pack, where you get two The New tops at once. Here they are typically combined with a plain The New top and a top with a print.

Smart and colorful The New underwear

The New makes underwear for girls and boys? and you can find the selection right here. For the boys, The New makes, among other things, smart boxer shorts, where you will find both plain and multi-coloured boxers. Look at the 2-pack boxers from The New if you are looking for underwear for your boy.

It's not just the boys who can get smart underwear from The New, the girls can too. In the range of girls clothes from The New you will find both tops and other items. The smart tops give both a smart and sporty look, which combines some of the design that you know from sporty underwear for adults, among other things.

Let the kids dream sweetly in The New pyjama set

The New makes the cutest and most enchanting pyjama set for kids. The cute The New pyjama set is a 2-part set, which includes both a night shirt and night trousers.

You will find a wide selection of The New pyjama set here, so it will not be difficult to find the set of pyjama set from The New that will suit the little one at home. You can use our filter to find pyjama set in the colour you are looking for.

The New Christmas Nightwear

The Pyjama set from The New comes in a range of sweet print, where you can also find pyjama set from The New with Christmas motifs in the lead up to Christmas - just to get the Christmas spirit at its top.

Here you will find different set of pyjama set from The New with different Christmas motifs, so regardless of whether it is snowmen, reindeer or Santa Claus, who is the most popular during Christmas, The New has made it possible for the joy of Christmas to return to pyjama set.

Many different The New jackets

The New makes a wide variety of jackets for kids, so there really is something for every season when you choose to look at jackets from The New.

In our range of The New jackets, you will find both quilted jackets, lightweight jackets and transitional jackets. Among the transitional jackets, you will even find smart denim jackets from The New, which go really well with a wide range of others styles.

The Jackets from The New come in a wide range of different styles and colours, so here it is a good idea that you use our filter to narrow your search if you are looking for a specific jacket from The New.

Otherwise, we would recommend that you browse the many jackets from The New and see if there isn't just The New jacket that will be the perfect match for your boy or girl.

See also the smart The New blouses

There must of course be something under the smart The New jacket? and here The New blouse is a really good bet. The New blouses are available in a wide range of beautiful colours and styles, so it is not difficult to find The New blouse that can be the piece of clothing that goes well with both The New jacket or a pair of The New jeans.

You will find The New blouses in both stylish, plain looks and great print. The same applies to the choice of materials, where there is both cotton, knitted and combinations of several materials, so you can find both thick and thin The New blouses.

The large versatility in our range of The New blouses means that you can really find The New blouses for all seasons of the year without having to look others. There are both The New blouses for girls and boys.

See also the smart The New Siblings blouses here, where you will find blouses for the little ones from 0-3 years. Here you can get a really good first impression of what The New means when they say that there must be durability and freedom in the clothes from The New Siblings.

The safe choice with The New jeans

You can never go wrong with Jeans in the city, regardless of the look you're going for. The beautiful The New jeans have something for every look? regardless of your wishes for colours or style. You will find both The New jeans in the classic jeans look, but you will also find The New jeans in a wide range of different colours and designs.

The New has made it easy for you to create a lot of different looks with the nice jeans, which include both black, red, yellow, blue, white and a large number of others colours.

Also in relation to the fit, The New has managed to create a large number of different designs in their jeans. This means that you will find a number of different designs to choose from, whether you are looking for The New jeans with a flare, in a slim fit, or just want a pair of The New jeans with a regular fit for your child.

See the cutest one- jumpsuits from The New and The New Siblings

If you are looking for The New clothes for the very little ones, then you have to check out the cute The New jumpsuits. Here there are jumpsuits from both The New and The New Siblings for the very little ones.

The sweet The New jumpsuits come in both beautiful print and plain styles. We have a large selection of The New jumpsuits, so you should definitely be able to find an jumpsuit from The New that fits the little one at home perfectly.

How do I get The New on offer?

You can keep walking around the shops or surf around for great deals on The New. Or, you can let the strong offers on The New come directly to you when there are some to be had. We've made it easy for you to get The New offers directly to your inbox. If you sign up for our newsletter, the latest offers on The New will be delivered directly to your inbox.

You can also follow us on social media, where we post news from The New and the many others brands that we have in the shop, among other things. That way, you are always up to date on both The New offers and news.

The New Pure gymwear for kids

The New Pure makes delicious and stylish gymwear for kids. In our range of gymnastik and sportswear from, for example, The New Pure, you can find sports shorts, sports leggings and sports suits, etc.

Gymnastik and sportswear from The New Pure and the others brands have become fashionable day and you will therefore find a lot of smart gymwear clothing for your kid from The New Pure w. w.

Gymwear from The New Pure in cool colours

You will find sportswear and gymwear clothing from i.a. The New Pure in many different designs, colours, sizes and color combinations. There is something for every wardrobe.

New clothes from The New

We hope you find what you are looking for from The New in our online shop. We have a large range and many gorgeous clothes in many different colours. Feel free to take a look at the different options and styles we have on offer.

Tips for when your purchasing The New kids clothes

If your kid is still growing, it may be helpful to buy clothes in a size up. It means your kid can wear the clothes for longer and be more comfortable. Clothes that are too small restrict movement regardless if they are made by The New or another brand.

This is why many parents decide to bus a larger size so that little one can play freely but also have a wardrobe with clothes that will fit when older garments suddenly start getting snug. Don't forget to visit our The New sale as well.

The New size guide

When you buy clothes from The New, or any other of the many, many different brands we have here in the shop, it can be nice to have a good size guide to start from, so you always know exactly which size you must buy for your child.

Fortunately, it is very easy with a brand like The New, as The New sizes correspond to those common on the market, where there is a correlation between the kid's age and height, so The New sizes are made thus.

You can also see this when you buy clothes from The New here at Kids-world. The sizes that you can choose are indicated both with an age range and an average height range that suits the kid's age. If it is a size for a child under 1 year, however, the size is only indicated with a height.

For babies, i.e. under 1 year, the sizes refer to the kid's height. In The News' case, they are listed as follows:

The New size guide for babies

When you buy The New clothes for babies, it can be a good idea to buy the clothes a size bigger than the kid actually wears, as babies grow quickly at that age. The sizes also correspond to the baby's age in months, and the ratio is as follows:

The New size 56 = 0-3 mths.

The New size 62 = 3-6 mths.

The New size 68 = 6-9 mths.

The New size 74 = 9-12 mths.

The New size guide for kids

The New clothes for kids 1 year and older are listed with sizes in an age range and an average height range that fits the ages.

So when you buy clothes from The New with us, it's easy and straightforward, because you just have to choose the age or perhaps more importantly the height that suits the kid. The height is the numbers in the parentheses. The News sizes for kids over 1 year are listed as follows:

The New size 1 year (80)

The New size 1½ years (86)

The New size 2 years (92)

The New size 3-4 years (98-104)

The New size 5-6 years (110-116)

The New size 7-8 years (122-128)

The New size 9-10 years (134-140)

The New size 11-12 years (146-152)

The New size 13-14 years (158-164)

The New size 15-16 years (170-176)

When you buy clothes for kids from The New, and also from many others brands, it can be a good idea to buy a size larger than usual, as this way you ensure that the kid does not outgrow the clothes too quickly. This can apply to both babies, small kids and kids of growing age.

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