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Recommended Age (Toys)


Lovely wooden toy for kids from MaMaMeMo

MaMaMeMos has a huge range that consists of wonderful wooden toy, which are incredibly durable and therefore very suitable for kids. The toys from MaMaMeMo are extremely solid, of high quality and can withstand endless hours of play.

MaMaMeMo produces beautiful both play kitchens with accessories. There are also kitchen machines, shops, workshop benches, doctor sets and much much more, so there is a world of play and fun hidden in the range from MaMaMeMo.

For the MaMaMeMo kitchens, there are of course also in wood play food and all the others types of products that you can recognize from a real kitchen. For the workshop bench from MaMaMeMo, for example, there is a large selection of tool so that the kids can feel like a father in their own little workshop. MaMaMeMo designs all their products themselves, so you are sure to get a completely unique toys for the little one at home when you buy MaMaMeMo.

See what MaMaMeMo has to offer here at Kids-world, where we offer a huge selection of toys from MaMaMeMo. In addition, of course, we also offer toys from a long range of the most popular brands.

The story of MaMaMeMo: A personal brand

MaMaMeMo is named after the two owners, Anette and Poul Erik Pedersen, 4 kids: Marie, Mads, Mette and Morten - MaMaMeMo.

Annette and Poul Erik ville to create products that their own kids ville also love, in high quality, with lots of educational content. The result was MaMaMeMo, which has since thrilled kids in a long range of countries with their creativity and high quality.

MaMaMeMo is set of ASTRUP Group A/S, which also owns the Mini Mommy brand. They guarantee products that are fun, colorful, unique and that will be of joy to all kids. ASTRUP Group A/S was founded in the early 1960s by Anne- Marie and Poul Larsen, who lived in Holstebro.

They started by producing doll clothes for kid's dolls, which were sold in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. In 1997, Anette and Poul Erik Pedersen took over the company. day, they have a modern factory abroad, where high quality and durability of the products are guaranteed.

MaMaMeMo toys

Quality and imaginative wooden toy have since day one been one of the cornerstones of the MaMaMeMo wooden toy. This is also true to this day.

MaMaMeMo is especially known for its wooden toy that look like food and kitchen utensils. You can therefore hardly say body MaMaMeMo. You will therefore find MaMaMeMo toys in a long number of homes and institutions day, where it is a fixture in the play with play play food and the learning about these elements in the home.

On this page you will find our large selection of MaMaMeMo toys. There is truly something for everyone, whether you are looking for a MaMaMeMo toy kitchen for the little one, a MaMaMeMo tool table or some of the many types of MaMaMeMo play food.

Kids-world: Your MaMaMeMo dealer

At Kids-world, we are proud to be perhaps Denmark's largest MaMaMeMo dealers. As your MaMaMeMo dealer, we can offer a huge selection of MaMaMeMo products, whether you are looking for a MaMaMeMo refrigerator, a MaMaMeMo coffeemaker or a MaMaMeMo grocery counter.

If you are looking for MaMaMeMo products that you can not find on this page, contact our customer service, and they will do everything so that we can find the desired MaMaMeMo product for you.

We take large pride in being a MaMaMeMo dealer selling MaMaMeMo in Denmark. In addition, we are also an international MaMaMeMo retailer selling MaMaMeMo products in large parts of the world.

We are constantly updating our range of MaMaMeMo toys and products, so keep an eye on the page, so you always have a finger on the pulse with the current MaMaMeMo news.

Realistic and durable toys

Kids can sometimes be tough on their toys. They at MaMaMeMo that. That's why it's important to have a toys that can last to be played with - and so can MaMaMeMo toys.

MaMaMeMo specializes in making lifelike and durable wooden toy that can last for almost endless play. Whether you choose MaMaMeMo toy food or, for example, a MaMaMeMo lunchbox or hand mixer, the same high quality goes again.

That is one of the reasons why the toys from MaMaMeMo are so popular. It also means that the kids can easily get started in the game, as long as there are some MaMaMeMo products to get started with, because often they can remember what they have seen mom or dad do with the right things in, for example, the kitchen or the workshop, after which they try to duplicate the actions. And suddenly the doctor is up and running.

The supermarket is moving into the kid's room

Shall we play shop or grocery store? If you have kids in the house who love just these types of role-playing games, then you can quickly become very popular at home, as well as help to set in motion many hours of play, if you make sure that there is, for example, a MaMaMeMo or any other toy food that the kids can buy and sell to each other.

The framework for the game can become even more realistic and realistic if, for example, you add a MaMaMeMo cash register or a MaMaMeMo ice cream shop to the game. In this way, the kids can in a fun way learn some of the social interaction, which over the years becomes a regular set of everyday life.

In this way, you can combine fun, play and learning at the same time with MaMaMeMo and the many different types of quality wooden toys that the Danish brand stands for.

Perfect for role play and learning play

It is not only shopping and buying and selling that kids can learn with wooden toy from MaMaMeMo. The kids observe the daily activities of the mother and father in the home. Often they also want to copy the actions, believing that mom and dad are doing it because it is fun, as well as they also want to be set of the community by doing it.

Here, a MaMaMeMo dishwasher or a MaMaMeMo washing column can help to give the kids a feeling of helping, while they have fun. With a MaMaMeMo washing column, the kids can also try their hand at the process, so that they get into the routines in a fun way.

The same goes if the kids are playing, that they fix things at a MaMaMeMo tool table. It is a learning approach to doing the household things with a smile, while at the same time it can turn into a fun thing that one is together about doing at home.

In this way, MaMaMeMo has made it possible for the kids to try and learn the different roller that they see in the home, which helps to develop them and understand that from time to time one has to take on a role in the home, in order to it all goes up into a higher entity. At the same time, the role play also provides an understanding of what others in the home are doing.

MaMaMeMo news

MaMaMeMo releases new toys. The range of MaMaMeMo toys has therefore grown significantly over the years, which has only allowed for even more role play for the little ones when there is MaMaMeMo news.

Whether you are looking for new kitchen appliances from MaMaMeMo or types of play food, you can always stay up to date on MaMaMeMo news on this page. We regularly update our range with MaMaMeMo news, so you can always see our latest products from MaMaMeMo.

This also applies when new collections from MaMaMeMo. As soon as they land here at Kids-world, you can see them here on our MaMaMeMo page. We always look forward to presenting MaMaMeMo news to our customers. So keep an eye on the page so you do not miss the next news from MaMaMeMo.

You can also sign up for our newsletter, where we regularly tell about both good offers and new collections from the many brands that we sell.

Large selection of MaMaMeMo wooden toy

MaMaMeMo has developed a huge selection of wooden toy, so you can get pretty much everything you want.

You can get pretty much everything for the home in the form of MaMaMeMo toy, so the play in the kid's room can become as lifelike for the everyday life that the kids experience, whether it is to food in a MaMaMeMo oven, wash up in a MaMaMeMo dishwasher, or one of the many kitchen utensils to be used in cooking. Either way, MaMaMeMo has more or less some toys ready that can be used in the different situations.

MaMaMeMo is here incredibly true to nature in relation to the products 'original appearance, so that the kids can easily dragon parallels to the adults' use of them and use them in play. The MaMaMeMo products generally have a sweet and warm look, so they do not seem scary to the little ones. On the contrary, MaMaMeMo usually always runs with a look at their products that just appeals to the little ones.

One of the large characteristics of MaMaMeMo's wooden toy is that they have an incredibly high quality, so they can withstand the many hours of play in the kid's room without it breaking. You therefore get many hours of play with MaMaMeMo, without having to fear that the toy will break.

At the same time, MaMaMeMo's wooden toy are made with large love for the details, so that as an adult you do not get a hard time playing with them, without the imagination being put to overtime.

MaMaMeMo toy kitchen

If there is one thing that is almost a guarantee of many hours of fun play, it is a MaMaMeMo toy kitchen. Here the little ones can unleash their creativity and play that it is their turn to make lovely food for the rest of the family, which can very easily be invited to food in the form of play food. Here there is the opportunity for cake, fears and a long range of others types of food.

We have several variants of the popular MaMaMeMo toy kitchen, which comes in both different variants and colours. You can therefore be sure that you can find exactly the MaMaMeMo toy kitchen that will create cheers at home.

No kitchen without play food. Also, remember to look at the many different types of MaMaMeMo play food if you are buying a MaMaMeMo toy kitchen. It will be the icing on the cake when you can play in the kitchen with foods that are so similar to the real ones - but which are just much more durable and can keep the little ones playing with them in their MaMaMeMo toy kitchen.

MaMaMeMo refrigerator: Learn what to refrigerate

Toys and especially role play can help to practice some important routines and learning in kids that they can and should use later in life.

In addition to the fact that it can be fun just to open and close it, a MaMaMeMo refrigerator gives kids the opportunity to practice which foods and drinks need to be refrigerated.

A MaMaMeMo refrigerator can easily provide countless hours of play when it moves into the playroom and helps to strengthen the kid's play with the various MaMaMeMo things.

In addition, with some storage boxes you can also easily use a MaMaMeMo refrigerator for storing the many different types of play food or other toys that are used in the game with a MaMaMeMo refrigerator.

The refrigerator from MaMaMeMo can therefore easily become one of the cornerstones of the game in a toy kitchen, which just get an extra element of realism and fun when it is added to the game together with a MaMaMeMo toy kitchen.

Let the kid make coffee for you with a MaMaMeMo coffeemaker

It warms both the body and the heart when the smallest household serves a cup of coffee for one. However, it will probably take a few years before most parents are comfortable letting their little ones handle a real coffeemaker and hot coffee.

Until then, a MaMaMeMo coffeemaker is a good opportunity to let the little ones make and serve coffee for you. Here the kids can really take a kitchen utensil into the kid's room and make and serve coffee.

With a MaMaMeMo coffeemaker, you get a piece of wooden toy, which is so popular with the little ones, as they can do the same things as the parents do. It is thus planned for both coffee and cake at child height.

Make the dishes fun with a MaMaMeMo dishwasher

Let the dishes become a fun thing already from when the first steps are taken. With a MaMaMeMo dishwasher, you can let your child have a playful approach to putting in and emptying the dishwasher after meals.

The MaMaMeMo dishwasher is made thus that it looks like a real dishwasher with shelves and space for the various things that the kids see the parents wash up or put in the dishwasher. You can thus easily let your child have a playful and fun experience of putting things in the dishwasher after use.

The dishwasher from MaMaMeMo even has a sound on, so it also sounds like a real dishwasher and thus it adds realism to the game, which just makes it more fun for the kids to use it.

The kid therefore feels much more like a real set of the everyday life that is experienced in the home, as one can do many of the same things and get the same results as when mother or father does them.

MaMaMeMo food

You can not say toy food without saying MaMaMeMo food. To that extent, MaMaMeMo specializes in making some of the most realistic and durable wooden food that you can get day.

This is also why MaMaMeMo food is a rock-solid winner when it comes to playing in, for example, a MaMaMeMo toy kitchen, or when playing a picnic on a blanket out in the garden.

The selection is almost infinitely large when it comes to MaMaMeMo food. Here you will find everything from MaMaMeMo popsicles to donuts, cream buns, Frog-cakes, honey, jam and cheese. The large selection of MaMaMeMo food means that it is largely only the imagination that sets the limits when it comes to playing in the kitchen.

With a MaMaMeMo lunchbox, you can combine the play with the kid's MaMaMeMo food, so that they can help put together a lunch box and thus learn to relate to what they want in the lunch box.

In addition to the many realistic foods from MaMaMeMo, MaMaMeMo has also made a supplement that most kids will remember in the future - namely a MaMaMeMo alcohol. With a MaMaMeMo, you can play the sprinkling of the hands and thus good hand hygiene with the kids, while it is fresh in the memory.

MaMaMeMo mixer and hand mixer

? May I not try?? This is what most parents have heard their kids say when the kitchen appliances are invented. However, it is not always equally safe or the best idea to let the little ones control the kitchen machines.

But instead, the little ones with a MaMaMeMo mixer or hand mixer can stand and food with mom and dad in the kitchen. The machines from MaMaMeMo are made so realistic and durable that the kids can easily have fun by being on the sidelines - with their very own MaMaMeMo hand mixer or mixer.

If you have any MaMaMeMo food that is reminiscent of what needs to be made in the kitchen, it can be combined in the game so that the kids can see what the work with their MaMaMeMo mixer results in.

MaMaMeMo lunchbox

MaMaMeMo has a strong ability to think outside the box - in this case the lunchbox. Precisely the lunchbox becomes a regular item in everyday life for almost all kids through the years in primary school. With a MaMaMeMo lunchbox, the little ones can get a unique insight into how the lunch box is made - and what needs to be in it.

And of course, the MaMaMeMo lunchbox is also an opportunity for the kids to make both a lunchbox for mom and dad - or put it together the way they want it. It is only the imagination that sets the limits of what should be in a delicious MaMaMeMo lunchbox. Maybe even with a MaMaMeMo ice cream or others fun foods that most parents ville hardly get in the lunchbox.

To that extent, the Lunchbox box gives the kids the opportunity to live in the role of the one who takes care of the others at home and thus give back some of the love and care that a well-oiled lunch box can very easily be an expression of.

MaMaMeMo cream buns and waffle iron set

Whether it is your MaMaMeMo lunchbox or your MaMaMeMo grocery counter or candy stand that needs to be refilled, MaMaMeMo has developed

Play store with a MaMaMeMo grocery counter

Playing with MaMaMeMo's endless variety of wooden toy can also be moved beyond the roller and tasks that kids see in the home.

MaMaMeMo's grocery counter can also be used as a bakery counter. No matter how you use it, it works perfectly when playing a grocery store or selling the many different types of toy food or others things that MaMaMeMo makes.

With a MaMaMeMo grocery counter, you get the setup so that your child can develop his creativity further and start getting acquainted with buying and selling. This gives the kid the opportunity to learn what it means to shop or work in a store.

Regardless of the game, there are many hours of play with a MaMaMeMo grocery counter, where you will see the game and the imagination develop time and time again as the creativity get place and the framework unfolds.

MaMaMeMo bakery counter

If baking is a hit at home, then a MaMaMeMo baking counter can just be what get out the large smiles. The MaMaMeMo counter is designed so that you can combine it with both the game in the kitchen and, for example, a MaMaMeMo cash register and the game as a grocery store.

The baking counter from MaMaMeMo is designed so that it can be used both as an exhibition front and a payment counter, so that it can be a strong complement to the game with the many types of MaMaMeMo food and machines.

MaMaMeMo cash register

If you need to play grocery, bakery or ice cream shop, MaMaMeMo has made a cash register that can just be what moves the game up a level, as the kids get the opportunity to press the keys, put their play money in the cash register and take money from there - all the things they want but which they are not allowed in the shops.

As with the others MaMaMeMo products, this MaMaMeMo cash register is also incredibly beautiful and true to life. Among other things, you can also use card payment, as a card terminal has been made for the cash register. In this way, the kids can in a playful way learn to both count and pay with money, at the same time as they can pay with card - as they see mother and father do in the shops.

MaMaMeMo ice cream shop and candy store

There will soon be no limits to how much the play with MaMaMeMo food can develop, thanks to the large creativity of MaMaMeMo. The grocery store can also be supplemented with both an ice cream shop and a candy store.

In the ice cream parlor from MaMaMeMo, both MaMaMeMo ice cream and popsicles can be served. Among other things, you can find MaMaMeMo popsicles in a long range of colours and designs, so you can easily play with ice.

The candy store from MaMaMeMo is obvious to be the store where the kids really play with the role of the adult who must try to hold back, so that not all the self-licking in the stores is taken away. Or, the MaMaMeMo candy store may also be where there is just no limit to how much candy may be taken.

Whether you choose a MaMaMeMo ice cream shop or candy store, we guarantee that it can easily form the framework for many hours of fun and games.

MaMaMeMo washing column and multi purpose rack

If you have one or more little ones at home who think it's fun to help with the laundry, then a MaMaMeMo washing column is a really good offer for a toys that can both bring out the smiles and give many hours of good play.

In the washing column, MaMaMeMo has assembled both a toy washing machine and dryer, so that the kids can play in a very realistic way, that they are the ones who arrange the laundry at home.

With a MaMaMeMo washing column, it does not matter if a little MaMaMeMo food is spilled on the clothes. Here the kids can learn about the home routines in a fun and playful way.

So what do you do when the clothes are finished in the washing column from MaMaMeMo? Then of course you hang it on a MaMaMeMo multi purpose rack, which you can buy here at Kids-world. You also get clamps for the drying rack, so the kids do not have to snatch them from mom or dad.

Life as a handyman begins with the MaMaMeMo toolbox and tool table

Young kids love to do what they see fit. It is also important to arrange things at home, especially if they see their parents using tool or a tool bench.

A MaMaMeMo toolbox, tool and tool table are the obvious toys for small kids who want the feeling that they can go with mom or dad when things have to be sawed out or nails have to be nailed in. Therefore, life with tool can start already in previous years with a MaMaMeMo toolbox.

Both the MaMaMeMo tool table and the toolbox are made very realistic and durable, so it does not matter if the little craftsman is a little harsh on things.

At their MaMaMeMo tool bench bench, the little ones can use everything from a MaMaMeMo drill to a chainsaw, so it is only the imagination that sets the limits when the little ones find the toolbox and unfold at their MaMaMeMo tool bench bench.

MaMaMeMo steering wheel

The little ones quickly get a taste for trying to drive a car - or at least pretend. A MaMaMeMo steering wheel contains almost endless hours of fun and entertainment, whether the little one is sitting on a stool, chair or somewhere else, while the car steering wheel from MaMaMeMo forms the framework for the game.

Unleash your imagination and play everything from ordinary car driving to police, ambulance or fire truck when driving and playing in the room or in the living room. The good thing about the beautiful MaMaMeMo steering wheel is that in addition to being durable, it can also be moved around easily.

MaMaMeMo as gifts

Playing with MaMaMeMo wooden toy is a hit with the little ones. You can therefore easily use MaMaMeMo as gifts for both birthday and Christmas.

Here, especially a MaMaMeMo dishwasher or a MaMaMeMo refrigerator can be a hit, as the game then suddenly get an extra dimension. Then there is also the advantage of the two products from MaMaMeMo that they are relatively large. And what kids do not love large gifts?

If you MaMaMeMo wooden toy via Kids-world, you can be sure that they will reach both Christmas and birthday. We strive to send all orders ordered before 15:00 the same day. You can therefore expect to receive your MaMaMeMo wooden toy within two working days.

Fill December with gifts from a MaMaMeMo Advent calendar

Christmas is a magical time, especially for the little ones who can look forward to several weeks of gifts, especially if you supplement the chocolate Advent calendar with a MaMaMeMo Advent calendar.

The Advent calendar from MaMaMeMo contains 24 bags. Each contains wooden toy. The bags can be hung up separately, so they can also be used as Christmas advent gifts gifts, if you prefer to have them in the Christmas stocking.

MaMaMeMo sale: Get MaMaMeMo deals

MaMaMeMo is growing in popularity, as the sustainable toys can help to teach kids about a long range of things in the home when, for example, they play with a MaMaMeMo refrigerator or a MaMaMeMo grocery counter.

MaMaMeMo offers are therefore not surprisingly very popular. We can also see this when we hold MaMaMeMo sale. You can always follow our MaMaMeMo sale on this page and see the current offers.

If you do not want to miss out on a MaMaMeMo offer, sign up for our newsletter. That way, you will be notified directly in your inbox when we hold MaMaMeMo sale.

If you have any questions about MaMaMeMo or any of the thousands of others products we have here at Kids-world, please feel free to contact our customer service. They are ready to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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